Custom Made. No Templates.

Strategic Development: Websites aren’t just pretty pictures, they’re businesses that require research and strategic planning. You wouldn’t hastily tape up a piece of paper with your business name written in marker on your retail store window, would you?
Now imagine that your store’s foot traffic is in the millions. That’s the World Wide Web.

Form + Function: Strong branding, calls to action, social media presence and youthful appeal… intelligently integrated into a cleanly designed, meticulously programmed professional website.  Need a custom web application? An iPhone app? We’ve done those too.

Crisis Intervention: Is your website in chaos? When a failing project threatens your organization and decision time is short, PPweb experts are diplomatic, organized, decisive and quick to offer a solution. Crisis management is our specialty.

Have an idea? Drop a line. Let’s work it out together and get you moving towards success.

Our Services

PPweb Technologies is a boutique development and consulting firm focused on digital properties. We specialize in crisis intervention of complex projects-gone-wrong and the branding of companies to appeal to a next-generation workforce.

We believe in a new breed of company culture where clients are educated and empowered during the development process, resulting in the ability to better verbalize their intentions and achieve goals faster.

The best experience. The best results.

Websites, Web Apps, iPhone Apps
Technology & Strategy Consulting
Identity & Branding Strategy
SEO, SEM, Google Optimization
Social Media Integration
Digital Marketing & Email Campaigns
Easy e-Commerce Stores
Analytics, Statistics & Metrics
Intuitive Front End UX
Custom Backend UI / CMS
Audio & Video: HTML5, MP3, OGG, SoX


Helmed by entrepreneur and founder Paula Patrice, we are based in New York City. PPweb is a collaborative environment between a small, highly skilled team; we do not outsource the work you give us. We are real humans who can meet locally to discuss your project.

Please complete our contact form and we will be in touch, typically within a few hours on workdays.

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