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CLIENT: Mercury Security Website & Partner Portal

CLIENT: Mercury Security Website & Partner Portal

OEM Hardware Manufacturer

Superior Quality, Delivered On Budget.

Websites aren’t just pretty pictures, they’re brand channels that require strategic planning. You wouldn’t hastily tape a piece of paper with your business name written in marker onto your store window, would you?

Now imagine that your store’s foot traffic is in the millions. That’s the World Wide Web and your brand is always on display. Make sure you’re delivering the right message to the right target audience.

CLIENT: Mc Gowan Website & Projects Portal

CLIENT: Mc Gowan Website & Projects Portal

NYC Construction Management Firm

Form + Function: Strong branding, calls to action, social media presence and youthful appeal, intelligently integrated into a cleanly designed, meticulously programmed website.  We’ll also engineer a custom CMS web app to house your company’s digital assets.

Crisis Intervention: Is your new website in chaos? When a failing project threatens your organization and decision time is short, PPweb experts are diplomatic, organized, decisive and quick to devise a solution.



Global Networking & Security Product Company

Our Clients Say

The PPweb team transformed my outdated Yahoo store into a beautiful Shopify store that I can easily manage from anywhere in the world when I’m traveling.

They updated my branding, product images and rewrote the content, resulting in a 1000% increase in my sales over the past 18 months. And they’re with me for the long term, offering suggestions on how my store can do even better and helping me plan for the next 12 months (literally, we had a call on Jan 5th to discuss this year’s initiatives!)

Paula is my tech unicorn and the PPweb team is amazing. They empower me to manage my business myself but are instantly available when I need them.

Beth Yorn

For 10+ years PPweb has created and maintained my two websites, proactively updating the technical parts and keeping my brands current. It’s like Paula reads my mind and communicates exactly the right message to my clients through great design and copy writing.

The work is flawless and FAST, no micromanaging needed on my part. They’re a great marketing partner, always bringing fresh ideas and raising the bar.

The team at PPweb has had my back in tough times and Paula is always accessible, making my life easier. That means a lot to me, and I refer them without hesitation to my clients across the globe.

Mark Lefko, Author of Global Sustainability
Founder and CEO, Lefko Group

PPweb was wonderful to work with. They developed cutting-edge websites for my EditionedArt store and magazine in no time, then reliably maintained my sites for a decade.

Paula has great business savvy that made communication effective and seamless and she patiently walked me through the many details related to design, tech and more.

I highly recommend PPweb for all aspects of website development!

Heidi Lee Komaromi
Principal and Founder, EditionedArt and HLK Art Group

When our 30-year-old family business was opening a new second retail store we wanted to rebrand with a modern look. PPweb’s design team created an entirely new logo, a really clever concept that we never would have thought of on our own.

They produced all of our new marketing materials, from our roadside billboards to our Grand Opening flyers, newspaper ads, the shopping center Pylon sign, and even helped write the jingles for our radio ads.

The new branding has been a huge success! It’s fun, conveys who we are and what we do and resonates with the customers in our not-so-fancy market. It was all stress-free, handled smoothly without a lot needed from us except design approvals, so that we could concentrate on running our business. Great people!

Michael Marin-Cohen

Paula is dedicated, spending more time than I knew could exist being productive for her clients, and she’s the epitome of positivity and motivation.

The PPweb team rises above the rest. Their writers have a strong understanding of the construction management industry, which is a high-stakes market in New York City, and that makes them unique.

I cannot say enough good things about PPweb’s tech knowledge and I recommend them in every opportunity I can.

Gregory Dimech
Superintendent, Icon Interiors Inc.

Paula is an absolute delight. I always appreciate her input and creative vision. I look forward to many more opportunities to collaborate.

– George VoorGalos, Creative Director, Red Barn Muse Creative

Paula at PPweb is an amazing technology guru, a lady on the cutting edge of the digital revolution. Beauty and Brains… Life isn’t fair.

– David Cuerdon, Photographer, Author of best seller ‘Kelby’s Beauty and Portrait Retouching Kit’

It was a pleasurable experience to work with Paula. Her keen eye for visual aesthetics simplified my job.

– Jonathan Johnson, Chief Creative Officer, Media Essentials

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We’ve been a full-service registrar since 1999, assisting our clients with domain registrations and DNS management, locking down the intellectual property needed to protect their digital business footprint.

Our VPS hosting is human-managed 24/7/365 so your website is always on and worry-free. Our servers are custom configured to our clients’ needs, running the latest software and implementing cybersecurity measures at the server as well as the website levels.

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